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The World at War: The Making of the Series. watch free 123movies

The making of 'The World At War.' Each film in the 26 episode series had to be an essay on an aspect of the war| because the length and separate aspects of the war
was far too much to cover in detail. Jeremy Isaacs talks about the production process and the aims of the project. The intention of the crew that were involved with
the various skills in making 'The World at War' had no desire to use film from British| German| French| Polish| Russian| Japanese| or the Americans because of their
specific means of showing the winning side of a specific action. Rather| an effort was made to interview people who were not part of the establishment| but rather
the common people or assistants and secretaries of historical persons. Film was researched for those films from cameras where there was no special subject| but those
that would allow the viewer to make their own decisions about what they had just seen and heard. Let the viewer be the judge. Jeremy Isaacs resurrected studies of
military ...

Genre: Documentary, Short

Actor: Unknown

Director: Peter Tiffin

Country: UK

Duration: 112

Release: 1989

Quality: HD