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The Maid watch free 123movies

The Maid tells the story of Jack| an emotionally troubled teenager living in the US| who travels to England to spend his upcoming birthday with his estranged dad|
hoping to salvage their fragile relationship. Arriving at his dad's house| he is introduced to Maria| the beautiful and mysterious older foreign woman working there.
When Maria learns about Jack's troubled life| she becomes emotionally attached to him| as his life story reminds her of her own troubled past. Jack also finds
himself being emotionally drawn to Maria| and his desire towards her forces him to take steps towards changing their friendship into a relationship| which will
change both of their lives forever.

Genre: Short, Drama, Romance

Actor: Claire Kahane, Ryan Cerenko, Keith Hill, Olivia Jewson

Director: Paul Emmanuel

Country: UK

Duration: 99

Release: 2014

Quality: HD